Your Self-Care Guide Through the year of the Empress: The 2019 Archetype HandBook

2019 Archetype Handbook |

Sync your life, work & self-care focus to the archetypal energy

of each season for a luscious, nurturing year on all levels

with Your Self-Care Guide Through the year of the Empress: The 2019 Archetype HandBook

This is not a planner

2019 Archetype HandBook |

In fact, you won’t even find a calendar in it.

Rather, this is like a weather forecast. It helps you plan for the energy weather pattern governing the year.

Each year has its own archetypal energy patterns, ruled by one dominant energy field. This year is ruled by the Empress archetype.

This Handbook is a tool to help you sync your own energy to the energy of the year, so you don’t burn out but, instead, can nurture yourself.

Sustainably. Lusciously.

Your Self-Care Guide Through the Year of the Empress will help you…

  • get crystal clear on what to focus on this year. Be ready to be surprised!

  • plan seasonal self-care that truly nourishes you throughout the year. Good-bye endless stress.

  • pace yourself so you don’t lose steam by mid-year.

  • feel more energized and present throughout the year.

  • come home to yourself.

Are you moving your needle towards

simplicity, connection & personal sustainability?

Archetype Energy Forecast_2019 |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

I also wanted to simplify my life & get back to what really matters…

which is why I created this 2019 Archetype Handbook with 70+ profound journaling exercises to anchor what will nourish us in our everyday life.

I was tired of planning and living in the old, hustle-induced, way. Spending huge amounts of time packing my plans, goals, desires, and tasks into my yearly suitcase. Only to arrive a part way through the year and realize I had packed for the wrong season.

I wanted to be prepared by knowing what energy pattern we are walking in & how to best navigate it on a practical day-to-day basis, so I could experience a deeply meaningful and nourishing year.

sustainably & in HARMONY with the natural energy field of the Empress archetype, the ruler Archetype of 2019 

2019 Archetype HandBook |

The 2019 Archetype Handbook is a must-have companion and self-care guide for those who want to work with the current energy of the Empress archetype, instead of against it.

100 pages packed with the themes of the year, key aspects of the Empress archetype, practical applications for work, home and prosperity, seasonal overviews, tools we recommend. Plus a message of the year for each of the 9 Life Archetypes, including your unique prosperity style.

Your Self-Care Guide Through the Year of the Empress is designed to help you get in sync with the archetypal energy patterns of the seasons so you can plan & live your life:

・without burning out,

・with more ease and

・feel fulfilled with increased work-life balance.

To lead a simpler, yet so very luscious, life. To the max.

here’s what you’ll find In Your Self-Care Guide Through The Year of the Empress:

You will receive a 100-page, downloadable, beautifully designed, PDF book. Following are some sample pages…

2019 Archetype of the Year |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

The Archetype of the Year

Insights into the overall energy of the next 12 months.

2019 Archetype of the Year |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

Primary Theme of the Year

Uncover the primary theme that you won’t be able to bypass this year & what the Empress has to say about it.

Protectress Aspect of the Empress Archetype |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

4 Key Aspects

The 4 key aspects of the primary theme that the Empress asks us to focus on this year.

Empress Prosperity Style |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

Practical Applications for Your Work, Home & Prosperity Style

Practical how-to apply this to your life so you invite Empress energy into your life & make the most of your year.

Sync to the Seasons |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

Sync to the Seasons

The Empress & the season: how you can best sync with her energy to simplify your year.

6 key elements screenshot.jpg

6 Key Elements

+ 1 Challenge

Within the main theme there are 6 key elements the Empress asks us to work with this year.

Recommended Tools  |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

Tool Kit

3 simple tools we recommend you pack in your bag this year.

Planning the Year Ahead with Your Life Archetype |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

The Year Ahead for Your Core Life Archetype

Learn what is ahead for your own personal Life Archetype this year.

This Archetype Handbook also includes:

Archetype Energy Forecast 2019 |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

Over 70 exercises & questions to guide all 9 Life Archetypes through the energy of this year.

Are you ready to have a nourishing 2019? Empress style?

A year that nurtures & feeds your soul, body & mind?

2019 Archetype Handbook |

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