House Reset

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House Reset

A Deep Energy Reset & Clearing of Your Space

Your space needs to be cleared energetically just as much as the floors need to be swept and the trash needs to be disposed of.

If your house and property has never been cleared and reset at source level, you’re living with the energy of the people who built your home, all previous owners and inhabitants and all that happened on the land.

A House Reset is a deep clearing & energetical one-time reset of this energy and can be done for any home, office or property.

This Reset Clearing is not a "maintenance clearing".


This house reset has nothing to do with the space clearings you might be familiar with that use tools like: smudge, incense, bells and crystals.


I call those kind of clearings "Maintenance Clearings".


These Maintenance Clearings clear the surface energies, much as you would brush crumbs off a kitchen counter. They serve the purification and transformation of energies produced on a daily basis simply by living in a space. And they are important to do.


However, Maintenance Clearings can not clear the energy of the land and the aura of your house at the source level required for a permanent state, nor do they clear the energetical history your home is built on. An Energy Reset does. 

Energy Space Clearing | | Archetypes & Alchemy

An energy reset goes to the origin versus just working on the surface level.


The following are indicators a House Reset is in order:

  • You are working from home but struggling in-spite of “doing everything you can”?

  • Is lack of or poor quality sleep an issue?

  • Is it hard for you to relax and actually feel at home in your home?

  • Is there always drama occurring?

  • Do things constantly break and/or are high maintenance?

  • Does money seem to fly out the window even though you are a responsible custodian of it?

  • Are you often “under the weather” for no apparent reason?

  • Exhausted? Fed up? Overwhelmed? Anxious? and the list goes on….

  • Do you feel yourself observed or as if you are not alone in your space?

  • Have you lost the passion and joy for your home?

  • Do you smudge and clean and clear but things just seem to be stuck regardless?

  • Have you been trying to sell your home for ages but it just won’t go through?

  • Do tenants move out all the time?


These are just some of the issues that point to a misaligned space. They are a clear sign that your home or work space need a RESET and REALIGNMENT at source level.


If you have just moved into or bought a new home, you will definitely want a Reset Clearing to create a clean slate and make sure you are not moving into a haunted house.

If your house has never been cleared and reset, you're living with a lot of ancient energy.

House Reset & Clearing | | An Archetypal Guide for your Holistic Lifestyle

Just like every human being, each house has it’s own history.

The history of your house begins from the literal ground up.

Our planet is ancient. The land your house stands on has stored millennium of energy.

All that has happened on the land your home now stands on is stored energetically in the ground.


⚜️Whatever happened on your land—even before your home was built— can impact you now. 

Maybe the land was once a designated holy site. That’s like having your current living room set up in a cathedral. 

Or if the land was once a battlefield, you are still living in that war zone.

And if the land was at one point used as a burial ground, you’ve basically established a home in a cemetery.


⚜️Whoever built your home left energetical imprints.

The energy of the builders who built your home is contained within the building. And the energy of all of the materials they used. If you live in a country whose labor laws are negligible, your home will be infused with that energy. But even the Monday grumps of the builders can remain in the walls.


⚜️The Energy of All who lived in your home before you is still wafting about.

Your house is threaded with the experiences and emotions of the owner and all previous owners. You've probably heard of "divorce homes". Homes where everyone who lives there ends up divorcing.

During my years selling real estate I specialized in homes which were considered "unsellable". Some of these houses had been on the market for years. Other real estate agents laughed at me for taking on these homes. But after I did a Reset Clearing on them they all sold. The reset opened the channel for the right buyers to come through.

All of these energies are stored in the energy structure of your home and need to be cleared out and updated.

Energy Space Clearing | | Archetypes & Alchemy

Just like we humans have an aura so does your home.

Just like we humans have an aura so does your home.


This energy field will either send out an inviting energy or a repelling one. It will either support you, offer you sanctuary and wellbeing. Or it will sabotage and drain you creating chaos and disorder.


Your home or workspace needs to be assigned it’s current purpose so it can support you.


Your home is furthermore infused with the energy of your lifestyle. All of this together makes for a powerful amount of energy that needs to be re-directed into the right channel.


A SPACE Reset is a one-time clearing, done remotely and does not need repeating. 


Each house has it’s own energetic address. I do not need to see your home or workspace as I work directly in the specific energy field of the property. It doesn't get any easier than that.




  • PURCHASE: After your purchase (you can do that below) you will receive an email with all the details of what information is needed for the reset. Please allow 24 hours (longer if a weekend), depending on the time-zone differences for the email.

  • CLEARING: The reset will happen within 3 workdays of your provided information.

  • REPORT: Within 7 days you will receive a report with my findings, so you know what was really going on in those 4 walls of yours.

  • AFTER CARE INSTRUCTIONS + RITUAL: Plus you will receive some guidance on how to maintain your space at a high vibe level. Not because these things will come back but because we are humans and bring our energies to everything we do and thus create new discordant energy fields. You can easily and effectively take care of these Maintenance-Clearings yourself.

  • Due to the nature of this offer all sales are final. We do not issue refunds.

House Reset Report | | An Archetypal Guide for your Holistic Lifestyle

Detailed Report

Includes: The Toxic Waste Number of the space; Negative Entities, Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Portalways, & Gateways found; Objects or Crystals charged with Dark Energy; previous Land Assignments; programming.

House Reset Report | | An Archetypal Guide for your Holistic Lifestyle

Release Ritual

Includes detailed instructions to safely release the Report.

Are you ready to get rid of the gremlins and energy leaks in your home? Gift yourself serenity and happy vibes.


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