Christmas Archetype

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it’s not about Christmas!

It’s about the magickal energy available to us at this potent time of the year.

Xmas is an energetical reality that can not be avoided,

whether or not you “do” Christmas.


Some love it.

More hate it.

Most just somehow live through it.

You don’t DO Xmas.

December and Xmas ARE, like it or not.

They are energetical realities and clearly defined archetypes. They are very present during this time of year, whether you acknowledge them or not.

I believe it’s not about taking out, cutting back, or even avoiding altogether. It is, however, all about putting in, creating, establishing, and honouring all that sings to you about this sacred time of the year which is so vitally important for our soul and our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing as we are all part of the natural cycles of the light and the seasons. It’s about putting back in what is truly important and relevant to YOU.”

(extract from Tap The Magick of the Christmas Archetype)

Do you know that you can:

Chapter 7 cover (2).png

Plug your Energy Leaks this Christmas and get in tune with the natural and powerful energy of the season?

Plug into the underlying power of December and use it to nourish and support you through the - sadly often stressful - Xmas season and beyond?

Bold claims about a time that has been enslaved to commerce and estranged from its original meaning?

I deeply believe and know that Christmas does not have to be stressful.

I also know that the majority of women, sadly, live through a different reality during this wondrous season.

We live in this culture of more and better and allow the rules set by others to exhaust and deplete us while we're scrambling to stay on top of things. And we carry that scramble right into the last month of the year and even crank things up a notch to achieve unmet goals und unfulfilled promises to others and to ourselves.


Alas, this magical, sparkly, and beautiful time of year has become the private hell of so many of us soulful women.

How to Create Your Own Christmas Magick with the Christmas Archetype \

Just the other day I received an email from a client stating that she is not a “Christmas Person”. That it’s all one big lie and commerce-hell. That she wishes she were somewhere else during this time. But, alas, she can’t this year. So she might just decorate a “little bit”. It would be the first time in years. How sad!

What I read between these lines was the unspoken yearning for connection. The desire to be a part of something intrinsically beautiful and nourishing. But she couldn’t see how that could ever happen while being true to her values and principles. Without betraying herself and her beliefs. (She will definitely receive a copy of my book!)

Is this you too?

• Is Christmas more of a nightmare than a dream come true for you?

• Do you secretly, or not so secretly wish you could just whisk yourself away until after New Years?

• Are you left delusional and exhausted only to shrug it off come the new year?

• Or do you love Christmas but struggle to make it really work for you?

Well, it can! And it will. Even without you being a “Christmas Person”.

Did you know that December is the most powerful month of the whole year?

December actually fuels the new year if you know how to tap into it’s energy.

“December is a month of reverence filled with myths and magick passed down through millennia. It is one big invitation to ritualise life, to go within while being connected to our external world sharing the sacredness of this time. It invites us to create sacred ways of being and doing, to connect to something way bigger than us, to plug into source energy and fill our batteries to the brim so we can create a new, magical year according to our core desires and true wants.” (extract from the book)

Plan a Stress-free Christmas Dinner with your Christmas Archetype \

December is the most energetically powerful month of the whole year.

December is the fuel for the new year if you know how to tap into its energy.

doesn’t it make sense to tap into these forces so freely available to us and utilise them for our own good and the good of humanity and the planet?

Good tidings! There is not just hope but really good, solid news for you coming straight from a Xmas Junkie par excellence.


“ I believe there is a better way. A magickal one. I believe it’s not about Christmas! It’s about the energy available to us at this potent time of the year.”

-Ramona Maillard

Hi there beautiful! I am Ramona. I have made it my mission to bring the true magick and power of Christmas back into our homes and hearts.

I have loved Christmas since forever.

Stress-Free Gift Giving This Christmas with the Magick of the Christmas Archetype \

And I have hated Christmas when I was a young mother trying to please everyone and “get it right”. For my children, my partner, my in-laws, my parents, the neighbours… Then I got a divorce and thought my Christmas would be better. That I could finally “do Xmas” my way. Well, only sort of.

The internal pressure to provide a great experience for my girls and all the family members involved grew as did my guilt for not doing enough. So I believed. The women around me were in similar stressful straits. It made me sad. I yearned for a different way. I missed the magick and wonderment. The enchantment and enhancement.

After observing this weird behaviour and attitude for some time I realised, we have it all wrong. There is a better way. A magickal one. A powerful one that will not just transform your Christmas experience but also fuel YOU far beyond the festive season.

Because it’s not about Christmas! It’s about the energy available to us at this potent time of the year. A true gift from the heavens!

How-To Christmas Book Table of Contents

This book will show how you can:

• transform your experience

• plug your energy leaks and

• plug into the Divine energy so freely available to us now.

It will inspire you, to:

• shift your perspective and

• approach and live through the 5th Season in an empowering way that is more in tune with you and your natural way of being.

It will prompt you to dig deep and excavate your own, unique Xmas style.

And, most importantly, it will give you tools and practices to plug those big and small energy holes that are leaking your life energy all over the place.

It is designed to be a companion over many years to come. So it’s not a quick fix, throw a pill kind of book. That would not serve you.

Here’s what’s You get when you purchase this 3rd edition:


PS: This makes for a wonderful, soulful Gift for the women in your life you care about.

  • More than 170 pages in a beautiful, downloadable PDF overflowing with goodness for you which includes the following

    • Clarity Time Exercises

    • Instructions on how to create your own, extensive XTM (Xmas Treasure Map)

    • Values Chart

    • 178 pages filled with practical exercises & energetical wisdom for you to come back to year after year

    Gift yourself and plug into the magick of Christmas.

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Wishing you a magickal and powerful Christmas experience.

With love,


PS: This makes for a wonderful, soulful gift for the women in your life you care about.