What Is An Archetype?


You don’t need to speak Greek, Jungian psycho-analysis or spiritual babble in order to understand our answer to the question, “What is an archetype?”

What Is An Archetype?

An archetype is a bit like a role in a theater play or film. When you watch a movie or film you can clearly differentiate between the villain and the damsel-in-distress.  You expect, more-or-less, the villain to act in a certain way. And the damsel to act in a different way. Their roles are clear.


Common archetypes: Mother, Father, Child, Diva, Hero, Monday, Friday, Summer, Winter, Masculine, Feminine

A really typical archetype is that of the mother or father.  Another common archetype is the diva. We all know a diva. 

A few more archetypes that most of us can clearly recognize are the clowns or the forever child that never wants to grow up. 


Archetypes are neutral, clearly defined and recognizable universal energy patterns that live within the world and our human psyche. 

The way I have come to understand it, an archetype is an amplified expression of a soul facet. An archetype is a universal energy pattern that repeats itself over and over. An identity of sorts. An inner persona with power and a clear profile. 

We all have archetypes. And we all act them out in one way or another. Sometimes we mix and mingle, so they are not so clearly visible at first glance. 

A personal archetype is an amplified expression of a soul facet. They are an Inner Persona.

Whether you like it or not, personal archetypes will always express themselves through us in the way we do life, in how we show up to our life. In what we like, hate and anything in between.


Archetypes are everywhere in your life & can not be avoided.

Personal archetypes steer how we tick and perceive the world. The choices we make and our decision-making process.

They dictate our reactions to and interactions with our life circumstances and the world at large. They show us our big life challenges and how to best navigate them.


Each person has a set of archetypes, called the Archetype Matrix, that reveal the energy patterns that steer their life. Both their strengths and their kryptonite.

Knowing your personal archetypes, your Archetype Matrix, makes it a lot easier to navigate and balance your life decisions and direction.

The key to unlocking your personal patterns begins with understanding your Life Archetype.

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