The Pull of the Water Archetype

Time Sensitive: Pisces

A lot of people are swimming right now & totally confused. Pisces season amplifies this.

A lot of people are swimming right now & totally confused. Pisces season amplifies this.


How Do You Naturally Interact with the Water Archetype in Your Everyday Life?


I have been experiencing the powerful forces and alchemy of the Water Archetype since my visit this week to the Rheinfalls, the biggest waterfall in Europe, just 30 minutes away from where I currently live.

The Power of the Water Archetype

What struck me the most while observing the spectacle unfolding before my eyes was that water is not just purification and purging. It’s also pure life force.

Water is alchemised into electricity which will provide you with illumination or kill you, if you’re not aware of the forces at play. Powerful stuff indeed.

Water will quench your thirst, clean your body and your floors and it will sweep you away like a piece of tinder if you happen to be caught in it’s tremendous currents.

The Symbolism of the Water Archetype

Water symbolises our emotions and can take on any form from steam to frozen. It can be hot or cold and anything in between, just like our emotions.

Water can be a steady trickle, a raging current or a peaceful pond. It can also be a puddle of poison when stagnant for too long.

There’s so much more to say about the Water Archetype and how it relates to us humans and our own Life Archetypes but for today I will leave you with these thoughts and the questions below.

Your Relationship to the Water Archetype

Maybe, like me, you want to ponder your relationship to water, your usage and awareness of it. The emotional components. This is especially useful now during, what astrologically is called Pisces season when we experience the meandering qualities of this astrological sign and the invitation to take a bath in our own personal psychic waters.

Your Life Archetype & The Water Archetype

No matter your Life Archetype, we all feel the strong pull of this cosmic watery energy field, so it’s worth a moment of reflection on how this energy field affects you and your own life and how you naturally react and interact with the Water Archetype.

As The Lovers you may find yourself going into your Challenge Archetype of either/or and having trouble making decisions during Pisces season.

As a Magician you may find your vision is blurry and you can’t focus the vision.

As a High Priest you may find your beliefs are tied to emotions around how things are supposed to be.

Journaling Prompts for Each Life Archetype

Each Life Archetype can explore how the Water Archetype affects their own life. You can calculate your Life Archetype here.

Depending on your current life circumstances and the entirety of you complete Archetype Matrix, each person will have different ways of interacting and responding to the Water Archetype. You can book an Archetype Matrix Consultation here.

Here is a question for each Life Archetype to ask as you begin your exploration of the power of the Water Archetype in your life.


Magician: How is your vision affected?

High Priestess: How is your intuition affected?

Empress: How is your creativity affected?

Emperor: How are your structures affected?

High Priest: How are your beliefs affected?

The Lovers: How are your choices affected?

Charioteer: How is your pace affected?

Justice: How is your judgement affected?

Hermit: How is your commitment affected?

Have a wonderful swim in the magickal waters of your psyche, lovelies.

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