How To Spark A Love Affair With Your Life Archetype

Self-love with your Life Archetype.

Self-love with your Life Archetype.

How does your Life Archetype practice self-love? Find your Life Archetype below to find out.

Self-Love With Your Life Archetype

Has the time arrived for you to get really intimate with who you truly are?

Connecting to the force that has always been right there inside of you since your birth, your Life Archetype, is a wonderful way to spark the most important love affair of your life. The one with yourself.

How do you do that you ask? Find your Life Archetype below and give it a go.

Magician: Stop pulling rabbits out of that hat and start looking yourself squarely in the eye. Drop the self-manipulation.

High Priestess: No need to shapeshift away from yourself and hide beyond the veil. It’s time you loved your physical self as much as you love your mystical self.

Empress: Stop smothering others and start mothering yourself in the most luscious and sustainable way you can imagine. That’s the best use of your creativity.

Emperor: Make a list of all the things you adore about yourself and then start building those self-love blocks. Stop being your own worst tyrant.

High Priest: Let yourself be a student of life without the stern dogma of shoulds just because it’s always been done that way. Let your joy be the compass.

The Lovers: Let your passion lead the way and stop second guessing your choices. Be committed to your own union.

Charioteer: Reign in the need to escape and sit with yourself for a while. Refuse to partake in other peoples battles and make peace with yourself.

Justice: Make yourself your most worthy cause and fill those scales with harmony and compassion. Let the sword of injustice rest for a while.

Hermit: Stop trying to save the world and start being a hero for yourself. There is no nobler cause than loving yourself.