Notre Dame Fire: The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine

What happened-energetically speaking-in the Notre Dame fire?

What happened-energetically speaking-in the Notre Dame fire?

The following words poured through me when I heard of the Notre Dame fire ravaging this ancient monument dedicated to the Magdalene. Unlike others who were crying I felt a strength gathering within me and my resolve to contribute to re-establishing true sanctuary for all of us solidified even more.


“The Great Lady can not be contained in a patriarchal structure, regardless of how beautiful it may appear to the eye. The energy construct established to hold her in could no longer withstand the cosmic forces that demand we FINALLY create union. Within ourselves and within the world we call our human home.

People are weeping for a historical monument that was demolished by the flames of a raging fire, caused by the very people who wanted to restore it. The symbolism of this couldn’t be more pronounced!

What about all the structures we have created that cause suffering to our fellow humans? To the creatures of this earth?

What about all the buildings of hatred, separation, terror, exploitation and discrimination we are hell bent on maintaining?

People, wake up! There’s work to do.

The Great Lady has released herself from her man made cage and is impatiently calling us to join her in re-establishing cosmic order on our planet and in our lives. Let’s heed the call of the Empress, our Earth Mother and restore beauty to our souls and our surroundings. If we don’t, we will follow the cathedral and be reduced to dust. And there won’t be anyone around to rebuild.

How many more signs do we need?

Let’s use the energy of resurrection that is flooding in this Easter week and start resurrecting that which is precious to us. Our very eco-system we depend upon for life.”


This seemingly devastating incident is totally in line with the power of the Empress Archetype, the ruler energy dominating 2019. We are living in a time of great upheaval. Outdated structures are crumbling and being burnt down. It is a necessary process in the shift to a different way of being.

We say we want change, yet, we don’t want anything to physically change. 

Well, the Empress, our Earth Mother, has very clearly demonstrated that that is NOT how change works.

It is not enough to stick a new label on an old structure without physically making the energetic changes required.

In the case of the Notre Dame, the symbolism is massive and clear. The Empress is no longer willing to reside in a patriarchal structure, no matter how beautifully built. 

She is not interested in the separation caused by steeples and spires which are a representation of piercing masculine energy. 

The Empress holds the energy of the cosmos. The cosmos has the energetic form of a dome, a “ceiling” that spans all of creation. There is no separation. The energy is inclusive. Oneness. Wholeness. Just like the great womb that is home to all of us.

The Empress has so much more to say on this and I’ve been blessed to receive her messages and put them together into a practical Handbook, a tool for navigating this year and the times beyond.

You can read more about “Your Self-Care Guide Through The Year Of The Empress: The 2019 Archetype Handbook” here.

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