Declutter: Begin with Your Archetypal Movement Style, Not Your Mindset

How can we begin to really create lasting change?

How can we begin to really create lasting change?

When the “Right” Things…Are the Wrong things

When I first started working with space in an energetic (and not just decorative) way, I hit wall after wall.

I was baffled.

I was doing all the things. But in spite of doing all the “right” things: feng shui, decluttering, space clearing, minimizing, mindset and manifesting, the change I wanted wasn’t sticking. I’d feel good for a bit but then ... nothing. In fact, some situations got worse instead of better.

The clutter kept creeping back into my rooms. Projects and people stalled. Health issues flared up. Relationships went stale. The money would come in and rush right back out again, leaving me with less than before. Not quite the impact I was looking for.


Most people don’t talk about this. But mindset does not trump the physical. (Not even when we’re talking about love.)

You can work on your mindset as much as you want but if you don’t change something in the physical, literally nothing changes. The energy will continue to leak out.

When something in your life isn’t like you want it to be - in-spite of doing all the “right” things - an energy leak is always involved.

Mindset, meditation or monster motivation, can never plug energy leaks.


You must first plug the energy leaks in your physical space. This is absolutely imperative, if you want those other things to stick and not leak out and make a mess all over your pretty place. And if your place isn’t pretty—pretty to you—then that’s an energy leak that also needs tending.

Energy Leaks are Always Visible

Great news is: Energy leaks are always visible in your space.

You know the saying, “If you want to know someone's priorities, show me their calendar and bank account”.

Same with your space. If you want to see what is happening in your life, show me your space.

Whatever is happening in your life is playing out in your physical space and your physical surroundings in some form. That’s the beauty of it, we get to see what we are doing, or not. So it only makes sense to first look at the obvious in order to gain clues as to where the hidden energetical origin might be slumbering.

If you can identify your energy leaks, then you can fix them.


If you can see the leaks on the physical level, then you fix them on the physical level. Your space truly does show us a lot, if you know where to look.

Let’s take a water leak in your home as an example. If you’ve ever had to deal with the wet mess of a water leak, you know of the consequences of NOT dealing with this leak immediately and as fast as you possibly can. Meditating upon the water leak, journaling about it, wracking your brain on what could have possibly caused the leak or calling your mum to evaluate whether water leaks are a pesky family pattern is not going to be useful.

Neither is googling possible solutions. Unless you know how to fix it yourself, the only thing you might google is your plumber's phone number. Until the plumber gets there you do your best with what you have to keep the water from flooding your space. You turn off the main water supply, you install buckets, drag your rugs and other delicate things out of the way, you mop and mop some more until the expert arrives.

The plumbers don’t want to hear about your internal messed up belief system. Neither are they interested in your philosophical musings on life at this moment. All they want from you is practical, precise information that enables them to stop the leak. And if you can’t provide that, get and stay out of their way, if you want them to fix the leak.

Sounds logical and absolutely sensible doesn’t it? And yet, even though we can clearly see what needs doing, how often do we first do the logical and sensible without falling down the spiritual rabbit-hole of over-analysing everything to death…before we even lift our pinky finger?

I am not saying, don’t look at your inner energy patterns, because they do need checking. AFTER you’ve fixed the leak that is causing you pain on the outside. You don’t need the perfect solution in order to do that. You just need the pain to stop. If we are in pain we are not able to make good decisions. Decisions that will lead to sustainable, life-enhancing change.

Once the leak is plugged we sit down and trace the energy threads to the original leak in the internal pipe or the cord tangle that caused the water leak or paper clutter explosion. Now we are ready to craft a new, more supportive strategy, plan and prepare so we can make the changes necessary. Otherwise, we will forever be running from emergency to emergency, slapping bandaids on leaks but never fixing the source issue.


How often do we do the logical and sensible without first falling down the spiritual rabbit-hole of over-analysing everything to death…before we even lift our pinky finger?

How To begin to get congruent energy in your space

Dealing with the energy leak on the physical level first, changes the energetical level. And then the change on the energetical level has a place to physically land. And stick.

Because the energies are now congruent. With your own energy and that of your space.

But, for it to be congruent with your own energy, you need to know what your own energy is. That’s why it is so effective and powerful to know your own personal energy patterns, starting with your Life Archetype.

Once you understand how you naturally move through and in your space—which is a reflection of how you move through your life—you can set your space up accordingly and eliminate the stumbling blocks. These stumbling blocks, those sharp corners you run into that make you double over in pain, are unique to you. That’s why an empty desk can be imperative for one person and an absolute disaster for the next.

One size does not fit all. We all have our own unique sizing based on the archetypal energy pattern we are born into. Making sure we adapt our physical space to our energetical one is paramount for lasting change and balanced living. And to avoid water leaks.

Observing your natural movement is a great starting point. You can find your Movement Style below. (Don’t know your Life Archetype? Calculate here.)

The Movement Style of the 9 Life Archetypes:

Magician: bounces from one spot to the next both on and off the stage.

High Priestess: glides in and out of a space like a shapeshifter.

Empress: loves to meander & savour & make big drama moves.

Emperor: eye on the prize movement & consistent action.

High Priest: loves a consistent and dependable pace with a celebratory spring in the step.

The Lovers: tends to go back and forth or stop and go & sometimes it’s a tango.

Charioteer: naturally moves fast in a linear way or not at all.

Justice: loves to weigh the pros and cons & then moves with great precision.

Hermit: prefers a steady, direct pace with time to ponder and pause to the adrenaline rush.

How to apply to your space

Now it’s time to apply your Movement Style to your space.

Each archetype needs something different. Exactly what you need depends on the way all of your archetypes work together and also depends on the archetype of your space. However, I suggest you begin by making changes based on your Life Archetype. (You can calculate yours here)

Ask yourself: what adjustments need to be made in my physical space in order for the space to be congruent with my Movement Style?

Here are just a few suggestions. (If you want help finding & plugging the energy leaks in your space, I recommend this.)

  • Are you The Lovers archetype and need to adjust the furniture in your living room so you can easily walk back and forth?

  • Or are you a Charioteer who needs to not just move some furniture but remove a few pieces for unobstructed movement?

  • Or an Empress who needs to create a space to pause and savour?

  • And Hermit, where are your islands of peace to retreat to?

Your space is a truth teller.

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