Love Is Not Enough: The Call of the Empress

The Empress calls us to alchemize love.

The Empress calls us to alchemize love.



Calling all Gandalfs and Morrighans - the fierce, Celtic warrior Goddess and chief Sorceress of alchemy - of this world.

It is time to become real. Like physically, humanly REAL.

It is time to become fierce. Real fierce. More fierce than the darkness around us.

You say you want a beautiful life.

You say you want a world based on love, respect, equality and collaboration.

A world built on the freedom of choice.

Now is the time to PROVE it.

It is no longer enough to mediate...and then do business and life as usual.


Things have dramatically changed. Now, this change did not come about over night, although for many it might look that way. It’s been building up, heating up and then exploded into our very consciousness in a shocking way.

We wanted change. But we wanted it the nice way. No ruffles, PLEASE. No discomfort. And certainly no burning cathedrals! Good Lord, no. Because that would mean we have not loved enough, wouldn’t it?

That would mean we are not spiritual enough.

Not ready enough.

Well, newsflash. It’s not about our being spiritual. It’s about our mastering our humanness.

We already are spiritual. It’s our default setting. But on this planet, if you have a body made of flesh, bone and blood you are a HUMAN. And as such we play a completely different game.

The physical game. The game of having, being and doing. We can not not do. It’s embedded in our DNA and our souls. We love to do. We require to do.


The question is, what are we doing?

Honest answer:

  • Sometimes not enough.

  • Sometimes the wrong things, the not so important things.

  • Sometimes we do in a way that depletes us. (You can learn about your specific DOING STYLE here)

  • Sometimes we don’t do at all, hoping things will all work out for the best.

Well, dear one, it’s time to gather your hopes and dreams and channel them into fierce action driven by a fierce love. Love of your self and all that is dear to you. Love of our beautiful planet and the people on it. Love of your ideals and values, your dreams and desires.


Fierce love is required. Because it’s no longer enough to just sit and pray, mediate, chant, hope. Although these are all good, powerful things to do...IF followed by fierce action born from a deep, fierce love for our humanness.

That is where our true power resides. In our humanness, not in our spirituality. Ideally the two are married for life. In reality though, we are a people of divorcees seeking for the next big or small love.

Truth is Spirit needs our physicality to build even the smallest of things in our 3D world. The power for the change we so crave lies in our hands. Literally. Let’s fall back in love with our own hands. The ones we were born with. Not my neighbours or my Instagram crush’s. Our own beautiful, powerful hands. The ones that fit us to a T.

It is time to use those hands wisely to craft a world we are proud to have crafted. A world we are proud to leave to our children and children's children. And it starts with your very own two hands.


The Empress, the archetypal representation of the Earth Mother calls us to craft our own personal eco-systems filled to the brim with a fierce love of life and it’s treasures. This year she is talking to us through her aspects of Environmentalist, Protectress, Medicine Woman and Mother.

She urges us to use our mental, emotional, spiritual and PHYSICAL energy to craft what we crave. To dig our hands into the soils of our lives and get to work in a highly intentional way. To strengthen our souls and spirits and self. Because we can only be fierce if we have an environment that supports, nourishes and nurtures us. A place, personal, communal and global, where we can replenish and fill our batteries and souls and go back out into the world, taking a stand for our truth, our values, our very souls.

Let us get intimate with ourselves so we truly know ourselves - every facet of us and especially our humanness, gain confidence in our way of being in the world and in this body. Let us learn to speak the language of our space, stuff and soul to shape a reality we are happy to be a part of.

This is the invitation of the Empress and we would be wise to heed her call.

Because the doing, the very thing that physically creates momentum, starts on the outside. We can NOT sustain what we carry within if we are living in an environment - professionally, personally, politically - that keeps bombarding us with a different reality. Yet it is what we keep doing. Over and over again. We falsely believe if we just love enough, have faith enough, hope enough, are kind enough that things will miraculously fall into place.

Well, I don’t know about you but for me it is crystal clear that this approach is not working. How many more “incidents” do we need until we are willing to get of our but(t)s and DO? Not that love, faith, hope and kindness aren’t good or noble qualities to aspire to. They are. It’s just not enough wielding a concept or even a spiritual practice. It’s a spiritual bandaid to keep us from fully stepping into our power and crafting the lives we want to live if we don’t turn these nouns into verbs.

Yes, spiritual band aids are a real thing! And many of the so called spiritual people have bought big family packs. Because it keeps us from doing what we are so dammed afraid of:

Own our power.


Fierce love followed by fierce action is required.


Which raises the question of why are we so afraid of our own power?

I have come to realise the answer to this is shockingly simple.

No, it’s not about the fear of success or change. Nor can the imposter syndrome be blamed. While these are all valid little demons to be faced the truth is far simpler: We haven’t yet learned how to use our personal power for our own good.

It’s a matter of practice and getting professional about it. It’s also a matter of knowing just what our own personal power actually looks like. Because it’s different for all of us. This riddle can be solved by becoming aware of how we naturally function.
What we are made up of.
What energy codes rule our selves.

We all have them. No exception. They are a given, not a pick and choose from a spiritual vanity buffet. We came to this earth perfectly equipped with our own power codes and our job is to learn how to activate and apply them. I call them Life Archetypes, the archetypal energy pattern we are born into the minute we plop onto this planet.

How do I know? Well, I’ve struggled with this personal power thing for most of my life. I have done EVERYTHING but own it. I studied and studied and studied some more. I even applied all of the spiritual and mystical tools I acquired over the decades. And I helped many people along the way and watched things improve. Changes were made. Sometimes quite dramatic changes. And yet the struggle continued. The struggle with maintaining that state they had just worked so hard to get to.

And me? I refused to put myself in the power position, literally. I preferred pretending I was someone else because I didn’t like myself. I couldn’t cope with the fierce spirit and my tell-it-like-it-is being. It was highly inconvenient for my family and others to have to deal with my ability to see straight to the core of the matter. I was made wrong for being who I naturally am. Like so many of us. But my soul knew better and a part of me wanted to get to the bottom of this. My spiritual backpack was getting bigger and bigger as I worked hard to purge myself while my exterior world was telling a different truth. One of struggle and sacrifice. Burnout and blame. Mostly self-blame. And the rage that burned big black holes into my insides. Literally. My body carries the physical scars of this battle. So of course there was this huge disconnect. I was out of integrity with my soul. All my spiritual knowledge, all of the modalities were not sustainable as they were not merged with the humanness of my being. On the contrary, they were sabotaging my humanness. The only place where I can create a real, tangible transformation.

So I dropped my backpack. It was way too heavy. And I looked around at my environment and had my moment of truth. I realised that by putting most of my energy into changing my inner world I had neglected my outer one. The one that sustains my human form. The one required for me to be able to be alive. Changing my inner world would have been much easier had I simultaneously changed my outer world as well by building a sanctuary for my soul and spirit to feel safe enough to dive into the shadow worlds.

And I see this or versions of it happening all over the place. Even in so called spiritual communities people are afraid to be too woo. They apologise or even worse, they belittle themselves and the spiritual tool they want to talk about. Or the question they want to explore because they know it’s time to step it up. What does woo even mean? Well, the way I see it, if you need to call it woo, if you need to talk about your spirituality as if it was a learned behaviour then no wonder YOU feel uncomfortable being seen with that in the world. It’s like having to dress up on a Sunday for church when you wouldn’t even be caught dead in that outfit in “real” life.


It’s time to accept that we ARE Divinity incarnated. We don’t need to learn how to be spiritual. We need to practice living our humanness through our Divinity and not separate from it. And we all do that in our own unique way, based on who we are in our human form. Getting deeply intimate with ourselves and learning to speak the language of our soul is required to know how to best navigate our own energy patterns. The archetypal energy codes we were born into. It is these codes, these Life Archetypes that carry the how to our what. How we love. That is different for each of us. There are many forms. Learning about our personal Love Style is what let’s us speak up in public and take a stand for the things that matter to us. Loving and sending love from behind closed doors becomes obsolete. We get to DO love. Be love.

But for love to be alchemy, right action is required.

Otherwise love is just a platitude, a spiritual bypass to tangible change. Yes, by all means let us cultivate love in our own hearts and send love to those in need. But then we need to carry that momentum of love energy out into the world and let it inform our actions. Only then is love enough.

It’s time to summon our fierceness (not our anger) and be that Gandalf, embody that Morrighan. The Empress speaks to us about that through her Protectress aspect this year.

You can learn more about that in my book: Your Self-Care Guide Through The Year Of The Empress: The 2019 Archetype Handbook

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No burnout required.