What Your Life Archetype Is... & Is Not

There are some misconceptions about what your Life Archetype is and is not.

There are some misconceptions about what your Life Archetype is and is not.


You don’t need confirmation that what you are doing is right.

Woman’s and man's search for meaning and purpose has become quite epidemic.

All this talk about finding your purpose. Doing what you love. Doing what you were born to do. Spending thousands on finding that one elusive purpose is not the way to go.

This strategy states that some external authority can actually tell you what your purpose is and what to do with yourself and life. The very thing we independence striving individuals hate! And justly so.

We don’t need someone else to tell us what and how to be.

We already know. And, yet, we are frantically running around looking for confirmation that what we are doing or want to be doing is “right”. A recipe for the blues and an empty purse. Cough, ask me how I know this…. I spent years on that merry-go-round until I was so dizzy that I really didn’t recognize myself any more.

Well, truth is, we don’t need to be told. We already know on some level who we truly are.

Your Life Archetype can give you further insights and confirmation of what you already know about yourself. They are the permission slip that we are looking for.

Your Life Archetype is not a guarantee for a happy or rich life. Nothing can do that for you. Only you can. But applying the knowledge about your Life Archetype can aid you greatly, if you let it.

The emphasis here is on application. Activity on your part is required, if you want to harness the power your specific Life Archetype holds.

Discernment is required. And a compassionate heart and mind towards yourself and others as you embark on this journey of greater intimacy with your soul.

As I said, this is a tool. A highly useful and valuable one. One you can apply to all your life in every and any situation. And just like with any tool, the more intimate you are with it, the more connected you feel to it, the more you know how to use it, the more fun it is to use. This tool will grow on you the more you use it. Like a chef with their knives, bonding happens.


You already know.

The one question you must ask

Your Life Archetype will tell you how it wants to be used and will present you with new possibilities and ideas over time. A powerful way to sift through the endless mind clutter when looking to make a decision is to ask your archetype. To do this we use something called your Compass Question. It is the one question you must ask your Life Archetype, again and again.

Each archetype has its own specific question that will lead you to get back on track and make your decision from a place of power. You can ask as many questions as you like, but if you do not ask your Life Archetype’s Compass Question, you will get a distorted result.

We are often afraid to answer questions truthfully because that would require we look into our soul mirror and get acquainted with the real us. The one underneath the stories, the layers of convention and culture.

Asking yourself your Life Archetype’s Compass Question when you start making any decision-making process will cut away all the fluff and confusion. Here you’ll find the specific question that your Life Archetype must ask.

compass question for each life archetype

(Don’t know your Life Archetype? Go here.)

Magician: Does this serve my vision?

High Priestess: Is this information serving me & the purpose in question?

Empress: Does this nourish me?

Emperor: Does this help me build my empire?

High Priest: Is this in sync with my beliefs?

The Lovers: Am I passionate about this?

Charioteer: Does this take me where I want to go?

Justice: Am I in harmony with this?

Hermit: Does this contribute to my mission?


No matter your Life Archetype, your Life Archetype is your Soul Mate without an agenda. It helps cut away false identities so you can feel at home in your skin, space and success. It helps reveal your own personal truth without letting distractions derail you. This strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem.

It helps you discern what is truly yours while appreciating and working, or maybe re-working, what you have gathered over your lifespan in the form of cultural, societal, familial and religious conditionings and beliefs.

As archetypologist Caroline Myss says, "Archetypes manage our lessons of truth”. Since archetypes are a given from birth—there is no way to surpass them or exclude them—we would be wise to learn to speak the language of archetypes so we can actually understand the truth contained within the lessons.