February: Archetype of the Month

Archetype of the Month: February

Time Sensitive: February 2019


Similar to astrology, the archetypal energies influencing us and our personal Life Archetypes are in constant flux. To help you anchor in the year we’ve created a brief overview of the Archetype of the Month, as well as how it interacts with the Archetype of the Year.


February Archetype of the Month: High Priestess

February 2019 In a Nutshell: Intuitive observation followed by sustainable action

February Asks Each of the 9 Life Archetypes To: intensify your own unique intuitive language practice and get intimate with your own inner landscape, so you can be out in the world in a more sovereign way for the rest of the year.

The February Archetype: High Priestess

February is the 2nd month of the year and is ruled by the High Priestess archetype. The High Priestess archetype is the second archetype of the tarot major arcanum and as such is the energy which rules the month of February. Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere is irrelevant; the Archetype of the Month is valid for us all. 

High Priestess | February Archetype of the Month | Archetypologist.com | Archetypes & Alchemy

The High Priestess is known for her intuition. Many mistake the energy of the High Priestess for fluffy, soft and loving when, in fact, she is the mental aspect of the great mother. 

In order to understand the messages we receive, the intuitive hits, we need to be able to feel our way through our physical pendulum, our body. Contrary to popular belief this is not an emotional quality. 

Discernment and correct interpretation of our own sensations, the sign posts of our intuition, require our mental and spiritual alertness. If our channel is clogged up with outdated spiritual concepts and truths that have turned stale our intuition will be tainted. The messages we receive will be hard to decipher, maybe even contradictory or altogether corrupt. 

When asking for guidance we need to be able to notice, connect and correctly catalog the feeling and sensations we perceive in our body for future reference. Otherwise we continue to start over time and time again constantly feeding the doubt monster instead of strengthening our own inner language skills. 

These intuitive skills will be different for each Life Archetype, as they each represent a unique energy pattern. Trying to adapt someone else’s approach to strengthening your intuition is doomed to fail, if it doesn’t happen to align with your own inherent archetypal energy pattern.

February is the month for each Life Archetype to intensify their own unique intuitive language practice and get really intimate with their own inner landscape, so we can be out in the world in a more sovereign way for the rest of the year. This needs to happen from a more observative perspective for it to beneficial for us. 

The High Priestess & the Archetype of the Year

Observation is a big theme not just in February but throughout the entire year this year. We see the call to observation not only with the High Priestess as the February Archetype of the Month. We also see the call to observation in the Archetype of the Year.

The Archetype of the Month always moves within the playing field of the ruling Archetype of the Year. The 2019 Archetype of the Year is the archetype energy of the Empress. 

In order to really be able to integrate and work with the archetypal energy of the High Priestess prevalent during the month of February, we need to look at the bigger picture of the whole year. Each year is dominated by a distinct, highly specific energy archetype, which, in turn, will influence the dominant energy of each month. It is well worth knowing the context we are finding ourselves in, instead of just applying generic thesis. You can read more about the 2019 Archetype of the Year here.

The Empress, as Archetype of the Year,  calls for observation followed by sustainable action. The Empress asks us to revise, to re-do, to renew in a lusciously sustainable way. For both us as individuals but also as a collective and for the earth we live on. 


February commences on February 1st with the sacred day of Imbolc, the second stop on the wheel of the year. Imbolc is dedicated to the Celtic triple Goddess Brigid. She is the mother of all, Goddess of the forge, the healing arts, wells and waters, hearth and home; patroness of the poets and writers and creativity in general. 

Goddesses are clearly defined archetypes, strong energy patterns we can connect to for guidance and support. On Imbolc goddess Brigid shows up in her form of the High Priestess, the ruler archetype energy of February. Brigid is the guardian of the threshold to a new cycle and moves effortlessly between the worlds inviting us to tackle the task of spiritual housecleaning.

Imbolc is the day the marriage of the light, the Sun, with the Earth is celebrated. While for many in the Northern hemisphere early February is still in the dead of winter and the lands are covered with snow and icy winds pluck at our faces and warm layers, it also a time where the sun  is growing stronger by the day, bringing noticeable longer day light hours and even some warmth, if we do venture out into the sunlight. 

Imbolc is an energetic portal and we can feel the energy vortex created for weeks to come.

While January, ruled by the Magician archetype of alchemy, is clearly a time for introspection, connecting to our dreams and desires, pondering, purging, planning and preparing, February is THE month to purge and prepare, to make sure you are equipped with everything you will need to bring your plans to fruition. 

Now, here I do want to clarify: This is not about knowing every little detail or even knowing the whole plan, the bigger picture. I'm talking about gathering the tools you have at your disposal right now, preparing for the action steps you are clear on and aligning your intentions with your actions for sustainable outcomes.

February offers us a chance to purge and prepare so that we can move forward swiftly with the upcoming spring energy once the time to move is ripe.

Jason Mankey, author and columnist, writes: “Wash your hands, and your spirit. The word “February” comes from the Roman “februa” which translates roughly as “purification.” The Romans even celebrated a Februa Ritual, dedicated to the idea of purification.”

Imbolc is a wonderful opportunity to return to the original meaning of February and engage in some spiritual housecleaning.

Mankey further suggests asking the gods to take something away, instead of adding something. 

This message is absolutely on point with the big themes of 2019, which include closure and completion BEFORE we start something new. 

In our eagerness to achieve, to move forward we forget to look at what needs to leave, what has become outdated, doesn't serve or reflect us and where we are at with our lives any more. 

We know we need to move, to travel down a different road yet we end up stuffing everything we belief is indispensable into our life chariot, leaving no room for inspiration and intuition to ride with us. 

This definitely applies to our spiritual practices and beliefs as well. As we evolve and grow our beliefs and priorities shift. Yet, we sometimes feel bad about releasing what was once a beloved ritual or a way of being even. There's guilt attached and it confuses us. So we hang on, compromise and tolerate. We lie to ourselves. 


The Archetype of February asks us to apply intuitive observation

…followed by sustainable action.


I would like to offer a High Priestess Letting-go Ritual to not just mentally but also physically, anchor the energy of purification and preparation.

Carve out approx. 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Have your journal, notebook or a piece of paper with your favourite writing tool ready. Ideally you also have a black and a green candle for this purification ritual.

Don’t fret if you don’t have a black or green candle at hand. Use whatever you have. You could put a black mark on one and a green mark on the other. Or tie a piece of  ribbon, thread or wool around it. Another option is to place the candles on a black and green surface. There is no wrong way of doing this, so don’t go into worry. That will only diminish the power of this burning ritual.

Attention: Make sure your candles are never left without supervision and that your environment is safe. 


  1. Center yourself first, breathe and connect with your core and the goddess Brigid. Softly call Brigid’s name 3 times and invite her into your sacred circle, while lighting the black candle.

  2. Set the intention of release and open up to whatever wants to show up.

  3. Make a list of the things you would like to let go of. Not because you think you need to fix anything but because these things don't serve you and you would rather use that space for other things. 

  4. Then just state in simple words that you are ready to let this (name it) go. Leave the black candle burning for a while. By letting go you have created space, like a hole in the ground ready for a flower bulb and you get to plant your new flower now by stating what you would like instead.

  5. Then light a green candle for what you want instead. Perhaps instead of bickering and complaining, you might want more contentment and gratitude. Or instead of the heaviness, you might desire more play and pleasure. Leave the green candle burning for a while as well.

  6. When you feel you are done gently blow out the candles and give thanks to goddess Brigid for the execution of your orders and her presence. 

Listen carefully to the messages Brigid has for you. She might leave you with a specific task like lighting a candle each day for a specific amount of time to reinforce your intentions. Honour that!

Here are some ideas of things you might like to let go off: resentment towards someone, yourself or a situation or thing; exhaustion; oversleeping; a poor eating habit; bickering and complaining; heaviness and droopiness; shiny object syndrome; distraction and procrastination; anger; a past hurt; a mistake you made; jealousy; cinderella syndrome; chaos; clutter; debt; lateness; an idea; a belief; the need to be right. Or you might be prone to the, sadly, very common belief that money is unspiritual, yet you secretly resent your financial situation or have even raked up debt.

What do all of these have to do with spirituality you ask? Well, pretty much everything! Our physical expression and environment, our habits, thought patterns, priorities all have to do with how we express our spirituality, our beliefs, our convictions, our knowing. So we might say we believe in divine right timing but in our everyday we freak out every time something goes awry. We might say that our highest spiritual value is compassion and kindness but we bicker and complain a lot.

So, whatever it is for you, write it down. Don't judge it, don't resent it, just write it down. And then bless it. I'll repeat that, bless it. It was part of your life for a reason. It fulfilled a purpose or you would not have had it in your space. Doesn't this make beating ourselves up over things obsolete? How wonderful!

You might find that you need to come back to this ritual time and time again. I do it all the time. Some things are easier to let go of than others. Sometimes there's lots of layers to a specific topic. Be gentle with yourself and know that every time you do this you create space for the you that wants to be expressed, one step at a time.

However, don't linger, don't over analyze. Just do it and trust that it is done. Then attune yourself to the new energy and prepare to move forward with the guidance and support of the Goddess Brigid.