What Is the 'Doing Style' of Your Life Archetype?



Everybody talks about “just do it”and “take intentional action” but what hardly anybody talks about is HOW do YOU “do your thing”…so that it is sustainable and you don’t burn out. A question well worth pondering, don’t you think?


All this talk about “just do it” and “taking intentional action"  can sometimes make me feel like a total flake. 

What they - whoever "they” are - forget to tell you is: the WHAT and the HOW. 

Because, let’s be real here, if you knew what to do and how to do it, you would be doing it, wouldn’t you?

Yes, you might still wrestle the doubt monster and be bickering with the not -good-enough hag standing on your prosperity hose but you would be doing it. Whatever that it happens to be for you. 


Knowing what it is you “should” be doing or want to be doing is one piece needed in the creation of your desired outcome. While I can’t tell you what that it is here (although I can give you indicators in a personal Archetype Matrix Mini Intensive), I can speak to the how of this equation.

The even more important piece, in my opinion, however, is knowing how you “do", naturally. Your Doing Style

What hardly anybody knows, let alone talks about, is that this Doing Style is your natural way of - errr doing things. Your Doing Style contains the ingredients necessary for sustainable action...so you don’t overwhelm and burn out in the process. 


Unfortunately, we live in a society and culture that does not take the individual person and their specific programming into account, let alone encourage that.

But there is a silver lining on the horizon as people are starting to realise that the old way of doing life and business is just not working anymore. That people are exhausted on more than just the physical level. And that with that the joy factor together with a passion for and pride in the doing are flying right out the window.


Well, loves, it doesn’t have to be that way! There is another way of DOING, a way that is in sync with who you naturally are.

That how is encoded in your Life Archetypes, the Natural Archetypal Energy Matrix you were born into. This matrix holds the codes to how you would ideally DO. Below you will find just a tiny pointer in the right direction for each Life Archetype.

Just knowing your Life Archetype’s way will take you far. (If you don’t know your Life Archetype yet, you can calculate it here.)

But understanding your whole Archetype Matrix will illuminate the entire web of your personal energy patterns and give you a way deeper understanding and roadmap for sustainable doing, so those projects get completed, your dreams realised and your goals accomplished. All without the pressure so many of us are familiar with. 

Taking the first step and familiarising yourself with the Doing Style, the energy pattern of your Life Archetype, will put you on the right path.


Magician: Do with great focus, excitement & magick. Don’t loose yourself in potential and ego land.

High Priestess: Do with great intuition & connection. Make sure you are connecting the right dots and not just random intuitive hits.

Empress: Do with luscious creativity & nourishment. Tame the multi-tasking monster and don’t smother your creations.

Emperor: Do with great strategy & zeal. This isn’t a hostile take-over, you are building a legacy.

High Priest: Do with great celebration & joy. Innovation married with the know is the secret.

The Lovers: Do with great passion and union. Make a choice and make it real. Fill up on passion and practicality.

Charioteer: Do with great speed, anchored in equally great peace of mind. Refill your mental tank through mindfulness vs. will power.

Justice: Do with great precision and harmony. Fulfillment is found when the scales are balanced for all participants of your cause.

Hermit: Do with great devotion and wisdom. Trust your knowing and leave your martyr at home. No need to sacrifice.