Spring Antidote to Burnout: An Empress Style Prosperity Potting Ritual


This year the Empress, Archetype of the Year, is asking us to bring the holy back into our creations. Creating a Prosperity Potting Ritual is one magickal way of doing that. But, attention, this year there’s a plot twist. 

Spring Antidote to Burnout: An Empress Style Prosperity Potting Ritual

Spring is the season of expansion, new growth, new life. There’s an abundance of energy available to create and achieve, to bring momentum to our projects and passions and see them flourish on the physical plane. Traditionally viewed as a time of pure beginnings.


We get a double dose of bountiful energy this spring. Spring is ruled by the maiden aspect of the Empress archetype in her role as the Earth Mother of all creation. Not only does the Empress rule spring, she also rules this year. Which means that navigating spring this year, we all get a double dose of bountiful energy. 


And, yet, there is a plot twist playing out caused by the Hermit Archetype. 2019 holds a lot of Hermit energy as we are closing out this decade before entering into the 2020’s. 

Although this is an Empress year she is collaborating with the Hermit, not necessarily her favorite companion. The Hermit is asking us to bring closure to our projects, to tend to what is already present in our life’s garden. Cultivation is a keyword here.


If you have been feeling a slight—or even hefty stop-and-go tug-of-war—wrecking havoc with your intentions and goals, know this is why. Bringing new, awakened passion and dedication to a long-held dream, instead of running off to create something completely new, might just be the medicine you need this spring in order to flourish sustainably. Lusciously. Empress style. Without the dreaded burnout it seems almost everyone is falling prey to.


Taking a sip of my own medicine the other day, while not being able to focus on my work, found me in the garden repotting my money trees, also known as Jade plants. They are called money trees because their thick, succulent green leaves can have the form of coins. 

I like that metaphor. Not solely because of the money but because of the affiliation with prosperity and growth in general. Personal wealth has many facets after all and they may or may not include money.

Instead of trying to force myself into work mode, which used to be my default pattern, I decided it was time for some holy work. 

Repotting was a task I had been putting off for months, even though the bigger plant was in danger of toppling out of the too small pot. Using this moment to create some real magick, while finally completing this project made my procrastination dissolve in an instant. 

Turning a mundane task into a holy ritual gets me going and ultimately gets stuff done. Both the Hermit and the Empress are nodding in agreement. It’s always good to know, we have the blessings of the cosmic energies when embarking on a holy mission. Or any mission for that matter.


Instead of trying to force yourself into work mode…

—which used to be my own default pattern—try this Prosperity Ritual instead.


Once I had gathered all of my garden supplies and carefully lugged the plant outside onto the potting table, I sat myself down to create a Desire Statement

In case you are wanting to create your own potting ritual, make sure you don’t rush yourself into action. It is imperative that you are centred within yourself, as that is where you will access your soul desire. Your desires are holy, they deserve your undivided attention and reverence.

With a small piece of paper, I closed my eyes for a few moments while waiting for my mind-monkeys to shut up. I did not want any erratic energy in my Desire Statement. I was aiming for my soul truth and not a distorted mind projection.


When I felt the nudge to write I penned my Desire Statement on a  small piece of paper. It was fascinating to see that the words came out slightly different than what I thought they would. 

That’s the beauty and power of accessing our soul truth versus forcing our minds to produce a vision. 

There is no need to share your vision with others. We don’t want that precious vision to be tainted in any way by opinions of others. This is your holy secret. Just between you and the cosmos. Between you and the Empress, mother of all creation.

I like to include a blessing in my Desire Statement. A simple “may this endeavour be blessed” will  absolutely do. Words are powerful tools of creation but they need to be brought to life. Your intention will activate them into being.


Once done with the writing I folded the piece of paper into a tiny little package and went to my potting table, placing it into the soil, before planting the money tree on top.

When I was done I brought the plant back inside and cleaned the space I wanted it to be in. While gently watering the fresh soil I said the words: “May you grow healthy and well. May you flourish and thrive. This or something even more beautiful. And so it is. Thank you."


Once you are done step back, literally and mentally. 

Each time I see my plants I smile at them lovingly and immediately move on. It’s important that we don’t attach our thoughts to the ritual because doubt will creep in. 

Do not cling to the plant. Let it be. Give it some breathing space, trusting that it will adjust itself into it’s new home without you hovering over it like a mother hen. We don’t want that distraction and poison in our creation.

Don’t smother what you have set in motion. 

Smothering is a shadow trait of the Empress. You’ll want to avoid this shadow pattern of hers, which can suffocate things to death rather than nurture them to life. (I share exactly how to do avoid the shadow pattern and get in sync with the bounty of the Empress in Your Self-care Guide Through the Year of the Empress: The 2019 Archetype Handbook.


Let me dismantle any doubt that nothing will ever come of this potting ritual right now. 

First of all, if you have completed your task in a joyful way, that has a positive effect on not just your plants but on the environment they are in. What we put our attention on grows. Tending to our plants with love and dedication let’s them grow better. So just that alone was well worth the effort put in. 

We shift and alchemise energy into a more life enhancing form when we create with intention and love. Beauty is powerful medicine and a catalyst for magick. 

You can observe the change in energy in your space immediately. There is a shine and lightness to the space that wasn’t there before. 

And my inner child delights in the fact that we have a holy secret going on, the Empress, the plant and I. Plus the act of completion gives me instant satisfaction, a welcome confidence boost. It’s a win-win situation all around.

I love this simple prosperity ritual because of all it’s wonderful benefits and the fact that it is so easy and simple to do. Nothing complicated or costly is required. All it requires is your full attention, intention and your time. Taking something you’re working on or with, something that needs your attention and doing and turning that into a holy act is a beautiful way to enrich the energy in your physical space but also within yourself.


For added personal impact be certain to do this Prosperity Potting Ritual in sync with the Doing Style of your Life Archetype! I can’t emphasize this enough. Otherwise you’ll be pushing and forcing, which is a direct vortex into burnout and stress. Syncing to your own natural way of doing takes you directly towards a sustainable, prosperous, stress-reducing, and seriously all around life-enhancing experience. You can read about your Life Archetype’s Natural Doing Style here.

If you’re looking to ease tiredness and avoid burnout—while still getting things done, the Empress can help you. She is, after all, the Archetype of 2019 and there’s no avoiding her. We’ve created a Self-Care Handbook that details her specific energetic qualities this year (please note: the Empress energy is a bit unusual this year and goes well beyond just the mother aspect that many people know and love). The Self-Care Guide is a companion we’ve created to walk with you through the energy of this entire year. You can get your copy of the Your Self-Care Guide through the Year of the Empress: The 2019 Archetype Handbook here.