The Roots of the Archetype Matrix


A lot of people have asked me about the origins of the Archetype Matrix. In addition to my own knowledge, I have had many influences and teachers. Here is a brief overview of the most pivotal.

What are the Origins of the Archetype Matrix?

The Archetype Matrix is part of a line of a millennia-long evolution. 

I’m Romy Maillard, Ceo of MORAVENA LIFESTYLE and I’ve spent my life in intense study of my predecessors, learning from my contemporaries, receiving information, applying and observing the archetypes at work in hundreds of people in their everyday lives.

The Archetype Matrix isn’t some random wispy idea pulled out of the thin air of my mind. This is ancient and sacred knowledge that has been passed on from times before.

It has been underground for millennia and only now re-emerging. And it has been an evolution.

It astonishes me that even though our collective knowledge of archetypes has evolved and grown over time, most mindset, business and branding coaches teach only a very small, fragmented portion of archetype work. As if archetypes were just a cute accessory that matches todays trend back to the metaphysical and magickal. Something to be commercialised, instead of internalised and integrated into everyday living.

Most people still only know, let alone work, with a few archetypes. That’s like trying to bake bread with only salt and leaving out the flour, yeast and water. There is no sustainable sustenance and you can hardly call it bread. 

The Greek Myth Connection

My journey with the archetypes began with the Greek myths. Specifically, the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, whose stories I fell in love with as a child. 

Gods and goddesses are a very specific archetype. I didn’t realize it then but it was the signs and symbols in those stories and the archetypal patterns that I was attracted to most. 

I immersed myself in those myths and also in fables. I studied the identities, the archetypes. There’s a princess, a bad witch, a knight, a Sleeping Beauty, and the kissing of a frog. 

I was always intrigued by what’s behind that. What does it represent? 

I learned quickly that although these myths have been repurposed to be told as children’s stories, they’re actually not stories for children. They’re quite scary. I especially noticed this when my own children were little. This includes Disney movies, which are, of course, all about archetypes. These figures are powerful figures. Archetypes, condensed symbols representing specific energetical patterns. 

The Jung Connection 

Whole books have been written on archetypes. You probably know of Carl Jung, the modern day father of the archetypes. Even though archetypes existed eons before him, he is credited with bringing this ancient knowledge back into our consciousness and showing their significance in our psyche. 

I won’t go into all that here as I want to keep this as straightforward and understandable as possible. However, more than his work on archetypes, Jung’s work on symbolism influenced me greatly. 

It was through his work and that of Aleister Crowley, the creator of the Thoth tarot, that I began to really understand the power of symbolism. 

I applied their work on symbolism to everything. And I do mean everything, from dreams to furniture placement to tarot cards. 

The Tarot Connection 

The Archetype Matrix has it’s early roots in the tarot. I was a reluctant tarot reader. I could instinctually feel the power in the tarot cards and images. I could feel the energy, the archetypal power. 

Some of the cards actually scared me. So I looked into that. 

Unlike most people, I did not use the tarot as an oracle but as a self-exploration of my own shadows. The tarot was like a looking glass that would help me find my flaws so I could do something about them. 

When I applied Crowley’s and Jung’s work on symbolism to the tarot I could see the richness of the symbolism in the cards. It confirmed and deepened what I already did naturally, speaking the language of symbolism. 

The ancient wisdom was always there. These pieces just brought it to my awareness. 

Then I read a book that changed my life forever. 

The Book That Changed My Life 

The book that changed my life forever and was the catalyst for my work was Der Tarot-Lehrgang by Armin Denner. 

I was drawn to this book like a magnet because he was the first person I knew who combined the tarot with astrology, the elements and the Kabbalah, all archetypal pillars. 

In his book he stated that everyone has a tarot life card. He showed how to find your tarot life card and challenge cards. 

From that sentence the pieces I had gathered over the years began to fit together like a puzzle and my whole Archetype Matrix System evolved. I quickly realized there was more to this than just one tarot life card. Because of my decades of study and work with the symbolism of tarot, archetypes, mythology, as well as the ancient and modern day fairy tales, I knew I had stumbled onto something very powerful. 


Archetypes are not a trendy branding accessory but an ancient, practical tool that can simplify your everyday life.

Tarot Life Card 

I began researching the Tarot Life Card and pieced together snippets from here and there. Adding on layer after layer after layer. Discovering pieces of the puzzle, putting them all on the table and seeing how they fit together to make the picture whole. 

When I first began I called the Life Archetypes the Tarot Life Archetypes. But I quickly realized there was much more than just a Tarot Archetype. 

For years I just worked with the Life Archetypes, the Wings and the Challenge. And I used sub-archetypes, not consciously or for my one-on-one clients, but more just for me. 

That became more conscious once I began working with Caroline Myss’ material. Which I had had for years but couldn’t read until a few years ago. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

The Confirmation 

Studying the work of my contemporary Caroline Myss, was the confirmation I needed, that I didn’t even know I was seeking. 

In the book Sacred Contracts Myss took Jung’s psychological work and applied archetypes to the universal realm. 

Reading her work was a confirmation of everything that I knew: archetypes are everywhere. Being equipped with this knowledge gave me the confidence to really go public with this archetype and alchemy work. 

So I studied the tarot even more, especially the major arcana and their connections to other systems, like astrology, numerology, the Kabbalah. I expanded on that through information I was given, and through my own experience and observations, and my extensive Feng Shui work which brought it all into the physical. The place were magick and manifestation happens.

The Archetype Matrix is a modern tool that is based in all of this ancient knowledge that has evolved over centuries. I have applied and used it in its various iterations for over three decades. It is a rich compilation of insights based on real life examples of working with hundreds of men and women including their physical space. It is not complicated. It is very practical and useable. 


Your Life Archetype is the core of your personal Archetype Matrix.

Learn how to use this ancient tool in your own everyday life.