Your XTM: Xmas Treasure Map


Is your xmas merry, really?

If there was no one else around, would you still “do” Christmas the way you currently “do” Christmas?

Most people are plugged into the shadow energy patterns of Christmas: guilt, should, excess. These are huge energy leaks (see our 24 Day Advent Calendar for 24 Energy Leaks and how to plug them this Christmas.) It’s no wonder people end the year exhausted and tired. That is no way to begin a new year.

Christmas doesn’t have to be filled with compromise, stress, irritation and guilt.

the treasure in xmas

Christmas is magick. A energetical gift to us all.

I love Xmas. No, that's an understatement—I am an Xmas addict. I adore the Xmas season and December is my most favorite month of the year. Coming from a girl who hates the cold and begins to yearn for spring come November, this is a strong statement.

It is my wish for you that this childlike, natural excitement will once again flow through your veins. That you can soak in all the sparkle and beauty this magical season has to offer, so that your batteries overflow with your own golden fuel, and you’ll be ready to face the new year and all it will bring.

Xmas Treasure Map

Unearthing the treasure

Years ago I discovered that by taking the time to filter through my own ingrained ideas of what Christmas “should be” that I was able to access what my soul deeply, truly requires of me during this magical Season. It allowed me to do Christmas my way.

I call this my Xmas Treasure Map because it leads to the treasure of the season. Once you know what goes into your unique Xmas Treasure Map you can start to adjust, plan, create. We show you exactly how to do that in the 3rd edition of our Christmas Archetype Manual and here are some ideas to get you started.

Creating Your XTM

First step is to get yourself a journal you would like to use as your XTM. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. A sturdy, nicely bound hardcover, a spiral-bound softcover, a sketchbook or paper you then stack into a lovely binder. The choices are many.

Sections to include in your XTM to start bringing it to life:

• your top values around the Christmas season

• your favorite traditions and rituals

• menu planning

• gift planning

• decorations

• budget

• travel

• selfcare

• organisation

• events

• crafts

This list isn’t complete but should get you started. If you want all the details, you will find them in the book.

The Spark

Sometimes all you need is the initial spark to get you moving in the right direction. The one that leads you straight to your own beautiful and unique Christmas experience. The Xmas Treasure Map is that spark. And if you stoke it and work it it will grow into a soul warming fire that will nourish you deeply year after year.

Not a Quick Fix

This isn’t a quick fix for shallow consumption.

This is more like a delicious stew simmering on the stove for hours. It requires you collaborate with it, to add the spices you crave, to stir gently, to add in the liquids as needed. Maybe for you those are wine or broth—or both.

It is a labour of love and the more love you pour into it the more deliciousness and nourishment you will receive out of it. It’s a cosmic law. No bypassing it. Just like the Archetype of Christmas just is. Love it or hate it.

Curate Your Xmas

Curating your own Xmas Treasure Map will turn that dislike or distaste or anxiety or frustration over and around Christmas into medicine for your self. Isn’t that worth a try? Aren’t you worth that deliciousness?

I sincerely hope those answers are a resounding yes.

Yes. For you, dear one, the most magical Christmas Season ever.


Christmas Archetype Book

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