Archetype Matrix Mini Intensive

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Archetype matrix Mini Intensive

The Key to Your Archetype Personality

most people HIDE their natural energy patterns under false identities

Do you Even know what your Natural Energy Patterns are?

it’s time to plug into your power


You’re in a time of transition.

You’re evolving into the next version of yourself.

But you aren’t sure where you need to focus.

everything is actually quite good & you’re ready to up-level but want to focus on the direction that makes sense for you.

Because things could always be a bit better, right?

If you try to uplevel and are not plugged into your natural power, you will quickly:

  • feel off, like something isn’t quite right

  • be unbalanced

  • burn out

  • get tired easily

  • feel overwhelmed

  • feel like a zoo lives between your ears

Archetype Personality Chart |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

The key to your queendom of calm, clear and confident is right here within you.

You have a unique Natural Energy Matrix—a to-you natural style of how you do, or ideally would do, things.

This includes your:

  • work style

  • communication style

  • relationships style

  • financial style

  • health style

  • homeing style

In short, life.

Do you know your Natural Energy Matrix - your Archetypal Persona?

The identities you go through life with are anchored in your Core Archetypal Patterns, the ones you were born with. These make up your Personal Archetype Matrix.

It is all contained within your ARCHETYPE MATRIX, a living archetypal energy pattern that informs who you are as a person and how you express that in all areas of your life.

They are a real force to be reckoned with. The good thing is, you were born with them! Just like your astrological signs they are also connected to your birthdate.


Your personal archetypes are always active in your life

Archetypes are neutral, universal energy patterns that live within the world and our human psyche.

They will express themselves through us in the way we do life, in how we show up to our life. In what we like, hate and anything in between. They steer how we tick and perceive the world. The choices we make and our decision making process. They dictate our reactions to and interactions with our life circumstances and the world at large. They show us our big life challenges and how to best navigate them.

Like with everything, there is a conscious and unconscious side to these patterns. You just need to look at your current life situation to see which side of an archetype has been running the show.

Once you understand your own archetypes, tapping into the conscious side becomes the key to powerful, desired changes.

Mastering yourself becomes easier.

Powerful stuff indeed!

Archetype Personality Chart |  | Archetypes & Alchemy

Doesn’t it make sense to put these powerful forces to good use in your own life, versus having them act out randomly?

In Your Archetype Matrix Min Intensive…

We dive into your Personal Archetype Matrix and go through your Core and Secondary Archetypes and look at how they relate to your various life areas, based on your Pre-Assessment information.

This includes:

  • Defining what you need and require to be the woman you really are and want to be.

  • What to avoid. Your red flags.

  • Your kryptonite.

  • Your main life challenges.

  • Your natural work & communication style.

  • Your decision making parameters.

  • Your power-symbols.

  • And a whole lot of practical implementation examples to set you on the fast track to your desired outcome.

Your investment

€ 550.-, due in advance

Payment methods: Paypal or bank-transfer

(If you are based in Switzerland you can also pay in Sfr.)

What is included

Archetype Matrix Chart |

• A Pre-Assessment to be filled in and returned 48 hours prior to your session.

• I take great care in preparing a sacred sanctuary for our time together. The information you provide is an important part of that preparation.

• Our zoom video call. Duration 2 hours. The next best thing to meeting in person.

• A recording of the call (if the tech gods behave).

• A PDF of your Archetypal Matrix Chart for future reference.

• 1 email answering your questions related to the content of the reading, within 7 days of your Session.



  • Pre-assessment: As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. This includes a Pre-Assessment so we can dive right in and not waste time fluffing around.

  • Sacred Sanctuary: I create a sacred sanctuary for our time together, including an altar and a prayerwalk. Yes, I take you on a prayerwalk with me and doglady where I gather signs and symbols that contain important messages for you. People just LOVE this.

  • Archetype Matrix Chart: Before your 2-hour session you will receive a PDF of your personal Archetype Matrix Chart. The recording of the reading will be delivered via Dropbox within 48 hours. In the week following your Session I am available to answer your follow-up questions via email.

Sessions available in: English, German & Swiss German.

These Sessions are deep dives into how your unique Archetype Matrix applies to your life in a practical way that you can refer back to again and again.

Understanding how you are designed on a soul level and how that expresses itself in your humanness and creates your success is priceless.

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