Archetypal Feng Shui: A Home Space Assessment

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Plug the Energy leaks in your Home space

Archetypal Home Shui Energy Leaks Assessment

Changing your life can be as simple as changing your space.

When I first started working with space in an energetic (and not just decorative) way, I hit wall after wall. 

I was baffled. 

I was doing all the things. But in spite of doing all the “right” things: feng shui, decluttering, space clearing, minimizing, mindset and manifesting, the change wasn’t sticking. I’d feel good for a bit but then nothing. In fact, some situations got worse instead of better.

The clutter kept creeping back into my rooms. Projects and people stalled. Health issues flared up. Relationships went stale. The money would come in and rush right back out again, leaving me with less than before. Not quite the impact I was looking for.

PLUG THE ENERGY LEAKS AT Home In Sync With Your Natural Archetypal Energy Style

Feng Shui | Home Shui | | Archetypes & Alchemy


Most people don’t talk about this.

You can work on your mindset as much as you want but if you don’t literally change something in the physical, literally nothing changes.

When something in your life isn’t like you want it to be—in-spite of doing all the “right” things—an energy leak is always involved. 

Mindset, meditation or monster motivation, can never plug energy leaks. 


You must first plug the energy leaks in your physical space. This is absolutely imperative, if you want those other things to stick and not leak out and make a mess all over your pretty place. 


Great news is: Energy leaks are always visible in your space. 


You know the saying, “If I want to know someone's priorities, show me their calendar and bank account”.  

Same with your space. If I want to see what is happening in your life, show me your space. 

Whatever is happening in your life is playing out in your physical space and your physical surroundings. 

If you can identify your energy leaks, then you can fix them.

Feng Shui | Home Shui | | Archetypes & Alchemy


If you can see the leaks on the physical level, then you fix them on the physical level. 

That changes the energetical level. And then the change on the energetical level has a place to physically land. And stick. 

Because the energies are now congruent.


It’s simply the facts and figures of how energy works.

Before you run off to rearrange your living room, you need to know that randomly moving furniture is not effective. At least not in the way you would want it to be. It can actually hurt you.

Changing your life can be as simple as changing your space…if you plug the energy leaks in alignment with your Archetype Matrix.

And that is a big bold IF.

You must change your space according to your natural archetypal energy patterns.

Each person is born into an archetypal energy pattern, called a Personal Archetype Matrix. 

These archetypes are energy patterns that determine who you are at your core and how you express that. 

Your Personal Archetype Matrix holds your natural energy patterns. The way you naturally do life.

Everything—from the decisions you make to the type of sofa you feel drawn to—is coded into your Personal Archetype Matrix. 


Each Archetype requires something different physically.

There are 9 Life Archetypes and a whole host of sub-archetypes that make up each person’s Personal Archetype Matrix. 

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This is not just a psychological construct. 

This is physical.

If your natural energy pattern requires meandering and your home is currently set up in a way that does not allow for meandering, you will struggle to move comfortably and confidently through your space.

If your natural energy pattern is attuned to inner thinking and you don't have a secluded spot for yourself, your natural flow will be constantly bombarded and sabotaged.

If your natural energy pattern zings for creation and you don’t have a space for unimpeded creation, you will feel dull.

Each space has it’s own Archetype.

Your Personal Archetype Matrix is not the only equation to consider.

We must also look at the Archetype Matrix of your space.

Your space is a living, breathing archetypal energy system of its own.


If your space has the Archetypal pattern of meandering but your archetypal pattern requires linear control, you will struggle.

If your space has a pattern of transition but your archetypal pattern requires nurturing, you will feel depleted.

If your space has the pattern of seclusion but your archetypal pattern requires a public stage, you will feel caged in and restless.


Your life and your space are a reflection of one another.

Your soul and your space are engaged in a constant dialogue.

Unfortunately, it’s often not a harmonious and balanced one.

Ideally, your Personal Archetype Matrix matches the Archetype Matrix of your space.


Feng Shui | Home Shui | | Archetypes & Alchemy



I’ve been testing this for decades both in my own life and that of hundreds of others.

Feng Shui | Home Shui | | Archetypes & Alchemy

I’m an Archetypologist & Feng Shui specialist and Psychic. And with The Lovers as my Life Archetype, I am also a homemaker and sanctuary curator.

Not only have I studied almost every book about Feng Shui, Energy Management, Archetypes and Interior Design and I’ve spent tens of thousands of Euros on multiple trainings in these fields.

First as a real estate agent and then within my own consulting business, I've helped hundreds of people to work with their energy, the the energy of their space and the energy of their goals and dreams. I’m very well beyond the 10,000 hours it takes to become a subject matter expert. 

What I realized over the decades, in all the trainings and working with energy in real life situations over hundreds of hours and in varied situations is that: when I first laid the Personal Archetype Matrix as the foundation and only after that layered the other pieces on top, changes people were trying to make could stick. And were lasting. And fast. Often happening within days. Sometimes hours.


Living according to your Personal Archetype Matrix is the needle mover to restoring lasting balance & beauty to your life and home. 

Moving the energy in your home is waaaay more do-able than moving the energy in your mind.

Why not let your living room, bedroom and kitchen be a support-system instead of an energy drain?

Why not let your work-space, the place you spend the majority of your day in, be an energising sanctuary?

Why not bring your self and your space into alignment with your Personal Archetype Matrix and that of your space, if that can make your life run so. much. smoother?

Feng Shui | Home Shui | | Archetypes & Alchemy



Why not restore balance—in a sustainable, lasting way—between you and your natural energy patterns, and the natural energy patterns of your space, as well as with your most powerful desires and goals?

My zone of genius is decoding and translating the language of your soul, space and stuff.

That is exactly what we do in the ARCHETYPE HOME SPACE ENERGY LEAKS ASSESSMENT: we assess your home for energy leaks & find solutions according to your Personal Archetype Matrix and that of your home. 


Here’s What’s You Get in Your ArchetypE HOME Shui SPACE ENERGY LEAKS Assessment:

  • a 10+ page, written, pdf Archetype Home Space Energy Leaks Assessment detailing the energy leaks in your home, specific to a question, challenge or goal in your life. This is a beautiful, personalized resource that you can go back to again & again

  • your Personal Archetype Matrix Chart, which shows your Life Archetype, Challenge Archetype, Wing Archetypes and Sub-Archetypes

  • Archetype Matrix Chart of your home

  • a Pre-Assessment Questionnaire to define the question, challenge or goal you would like me to focus on in your Assessment (You will also need to provide photos & floor plans of your home. Don’t worry we guide you through it.)

  • continued Email Support for 7 days following the delivery of the Assessment. (This remains focused on the specific question, challenge or goal discussed in your Assessment. It does not branch out into new questions.)

If you desire 1:1 support and personal interaction with me you can book a DELUXE ENERGY LEAKS ASSESSMENT which includes all of the above plus:

  • an Assessment Call on Zoom for a full hour to discuss your Assessment & clarify any questions you have

  • recording of the Assessment Call (if the tech god behaves)

  • continued Email Support for 15 days following your Call (This remains focused on the specific question, challenge or goal discussed in your Assessment. It does not branch out into new questions.)


Your Investment:

Archetype Home Shui Space Energy Leaks Assessments start at €550

The Archetype HOME Space ENERGY LEAKS Assessment is for People who want to feel at home with their choices and supported in their endeavors by their home.

No endless mental aerobics, meditation, external validation or coaching required. 

In this Assessment you will see on a physical level, reflected in your home, what is happening energetically in your life. 


In your assessment You will see:

• where you’re blocking yourself

• where you’re being supported

• where you’re sabotaging your desires and desired outcomes

• where your energy is leaking



  • you’ve just moved…and things aren’t working (you’re not sleeping, your relationship or business is tanking)

  • you’ve undergone some major changes or are about to…and you want support to get you through these transitions in a healthy way so you don’t wipe out or burn out

  • you’re thinking about doing something different…but not quite sure what

  • you want to land a new job but are struggling to find the right opportunities

  • you’ve been struggling with the same dead corners and no-mans-land in your home for ages

  • clutter seems to sprout up out of nowhere when least expected and you're baffled at why

  • you have new dreams & goals you want to achieve… and you want to upgrade your home to support you & reflect your next step

In your assessment we will:

• evaluate your home through the lens of your Personal Archetype Matrix and that of your home based on the question you have

• decipher the signs and symbols present

• unearth and define the energy leaks

• string the messages together, like a string of pearls, so you can understand and work with them


You will receive highly practical and effective suggestions and recommendations on:

• how to plug said energy leaks

• what to avoid

• the red flags to pay attention to. It is often NOT what you would expect.

• what to physically put in place


Feng Shui | Home Shui | | Archetypes & Alchemy


Home Assessments begin at €550. Please contact us for an exact quote. 

Due to the nature of this offer all sales are final. We do not issue refunds. 

Let’s talk. Email to set up a date for a complimentary conversation via Zoom or Skype or good old telephone, if you are in Switzerland.


Plug your energy leaks

Create A Home In Sync With Your Natural Archetypal Energy Style

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