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moravena lifestyle is an online magazine & Education Platform dedicated to soulful living using the magickal tools of archetypal fengshui & lifewitchery to help you feel at home in your life and rooms. in sync with your SOUL, SURROUNDINGS and seasons.


I believe:

  • beauty changes the world.

  • attuning your inner & outer spaces will change your life.

  • our homes & workspaces are crucial for our wellbeing - a non-negotiable in our busy, overstimulated times.

  • plugging your personal energy leaks according to your inherent LifeArchetypes & their Natural Energy Styles leads to more success and serenity. Elegantly and efficiently. 

What you will find here:

Tips, tools and practices on Archetypal Feng Shui & Personal Energy Management including:

  • how to plug the energy leaks in your home and work-space, self and life areas

  • how to create sanctuary (both inner & outer) in sync with your Natural Energy Style, your Life Archetypes

  • how to live in sync with the archetypal energies of the seasons

  • sacred self care practices

  • your Natural Archetypal Energy Styles for all life areas

  • Principles & practices of Lifewitchery

About Archetypologist.com| | Archetypologist.com  | Archetypes & Alchemy

I believe concepts alone do not cause transformation.

(And you know they don't.)

My emphasis is on establishing INNER & OUTER Life sanctuary, which Is sacred, sustainable & simple self-care in action. 

I believe this is where personal and global transformation begins. 

Archetypes | | Archetypologist.com  | Archetypes & Alchemy

On the outside. 

In the physical. 

In the practical. 

In real life.

In the “I-have-dirt-under-my-nicely-manicured-nails” kind of way.

You can think about changing the world, your own and the world at large, until purple smoke comes out of your third eye. 

You can meditate and ohm until ants crawl in your blood.

But if you don’t roll up those pretty sleeves of yours and get to work in the physical, nothing will change.

I am not saying, don’t do those things. (Although for some of you, depending on your Life Archetype, I will say exactly that—looking at you Emperor and The Lovers.)

The archetype System

The system I, Ramona, teach and write about at MORAVENA LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE is derived from millennia-old knowledge.

For the last 3 decades I have been extensively studying my predecessors, learning from my contemporaries, receiving information, observing and applying the archetypes and their energy patterns at work in hundreds of people in their everyday lives and rooms.

Through years of research, study & practice I have distilled this ancient wisdom into the highly practical and effective Archetype & Alchemy Essentials. I calls this body of work the Archetype Matrix System, with a focus on Archetypal Feng Shui. This is my version of Feng Shui, an ancient, highly effective energy management tool for the home and life, which is shared via this blog, magazine, books, lectures and personal one-on-one consultations and assessments.

To read more about the origins of the Archetype Matrix go here.



Life Archetype: The Lovers

Soul-Space-Stylist, feng shui expert, archetypologist, writer, teacher & consultant. Witchwoman, homemaker & doglady’s human. I am passionate about all things archetypes, lifewitchery & home & applying these ancient and powerful tools to our human nature in a holystic way.


My core value is beauty. I believe beauty is medicine. Powerful, much needed, medicine. So I help beautify, both outer and inner worlds through my teachings. Creating sanctuary is my passion next to lavender tea, books and soul conversations.

Read Ramona’s story & bio here.

Kiva Supporter | MoravenaLifestyle.com

giving back:

A non-negotiable and integral pillar of my work is to financially contribute to causes I care about. Through Kiva I support women business owners. You can learn about this wonderful organization here.

Learn More about archetypal living:

Ramona Maillard with Doglady.

Ramona Maillard with Doglady.

the blog:

Topics include Archetypology 101, Personal Archetype Styles & Seasonal Living
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